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RFID based attendance system

The RFID system is being increasingly used in corporations and educational institutions across the world.
It has helped save considerable resources in terms of money, human resources, time, and of course,
the environment by cutting down on the paper work that was traditionally used over the years for attendance systems in all these settings.

Use The Latest RFID Based Attendance System For Greater Efficiency

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is the latest technology to be incorporated by Divinity IT Solutions into its innovative and state-of-the-art RFID based attendance system. This gives greater flexibility, security, options, and increased efficiency than other attendance systems. It is perfect for any kind of organization or institution, whether it is a business, government organization, educational institution, etc. It enables greater streamlining of the workflow. Time management is also optimized through the RFID based attendance system developed by Divinity IT Solutions. It goes a long way towards making the entire workflow smooth and hassle-free.

In the RFID based attendance system developed by Divinity IT Solutions, the data generated by the employee attendance is stored in the memory of the microcontroller, which is indestructible. This ensures that records are always available and can never be misplaced or lost or destroyed, unlike in traditional paper-based attendance recording systems. RFID based attendance system also ensures that there is no wrong data entered into it as it is tamperproof. This gives a more accurate picture of the time clocked or entered in by the employees. It also helps to improve employee punctuality, productivity, and efficiency on account of this feature.

TheRFID based attendance system reads and records the data in each RFID card, which is easy and takes less time as it doesn’t need to be swiped, just shown near the reader. This helps to cut down on valuable time that is wasted in swiping cards.

The data generated by the RFID reader is easily transmitted to computers or tablets. It can also be transmitted through the internet.

This data can be easily viewed, exported, copied, and printed out for any purpose. The data generation and data viewing on this system is easier with everything being able to be seen at a glance, making it easier to manage and analyze the data. Decisions can be taken much faster and with far less rate of error than when poring over reams or books of attendance data. This is useful for all kinds of facilities of all sizes, but especially useful for those that have a large employee base. There is no need for anyone to operate the machine, as it is automated fully. This saves further human resources at the operational end.

The RFID system provides greater security for all kinds of businesses and organizations as only people who have the relevant RFID card can gain access to the facilities. Visitors can be given a temporary card which can then be disabled or taken back. For this reason, the RFID system works well with access control systems and can be used to increase the security and safety of the working environment without any additional expenditure.

RFID based attendance system

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We understand your security concerns and suggest workable, long-term solutions for your business. Our security consultants provide invaluable, expert guidance in making the right choices to keep your people, property and facilities, safe and secure.
RFID Based Attendance System suppliers in Pune Mumbai

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RFID Based Attendance System suppliers in Pune Mumbai
  • RFID Based Attendance System suppliers in Pune Mumbai

  • RFID based attendance system

  • RFID based attendance system

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